Advanced Wireless 5G Connections

Small Cell Services meets the deployment demands of our customers throughout the Southeast by delivering industry-leading quality, rapid mobilization, and on-time completion. Our trained and certified teams are equipped to fulfill all your turnkey technology needs, from new installations to network upgrades and integrations.

5G Pole Construction

At Small Cell Services, we build telecommunication infrastructures from the ground up. Our solution-driven and fully qualified team will work with you as a reliable partner, providing you with the highest professional turnkey tower construction and antenna mounting services, including:


Aerial Fiber Installation
Concrete Pads
Power upgrades
DC Power Work
Fiber Splicing
Ground Penetrating Radar
Hub build outs
Hydro excavating
In Building 5G
Pole Sets
Shelter HVAC Swaps and Installs
Small cell maintenance
Small Cell Integrations
Small Cell Line and Antenna
In-Building builds
Storm response
Cell site maintenance

01New Installations

At Small Cell Services, our planning includes site and tower details and ensuring that antenna placement meets the standards of cross-functionality and flexibility. We are confident that through our detailed preparation and due diligence, we will provide you with a confident verification of your network’s performance followed by years of high network availability.

04Project Management

In any high-stakes wireless site development project, managing every moving part efficiently and successfully is no easy task. With Small Cell Services, you can trust in our project managers, who strive for perfection from the pre-planning phase to construction.

From anticipating challenges and planning for material shortages to ensuring accountability in correcting an error or mistake, we assure you that at Small Cell Services, we stand behind every project with pride in our superior workmanship.

02Network Installations

When you have a new or upgraded wireless network installed, the last thing you want to hear about is an equipment compatibility problem or equipment defect after the network is complete.

Issues such as these create delays in deployment schedules, reduce performance and increase costs. At Small Cell Services, our trained and certified team works hard to ensure that the network is functional prior to installation.

05Technical Support

Our management team, construction professionals, and installation technicians are among the best in the business—thoroughly trained, efficient, and guaranteed to conduct their work in a most professional manner.

Their experience and expertise in communication systems services encompass all technologies ranging from cellular, PCS, microwave, wireless data to today’s cutting-edge technologies.

03Electrical Construction

When Small Cell Services commits to your electrical project, you can rest assured that it will be done professionally, in accordance with your specification and deadlines.

Equipment installation is performed by highly trained technicians that follow strict safety guidelines. This means that your wireless network will be sustained by highly reliable infrastructure installed with the highest quality standards while meeting your project schedule.

New Electrical Service Installation
Generator and Generator Alarm Installation and Repair
Battery Backup/UPS System Installation and Repair
Installation of Low Resistance Grounding Systems
DC Power Distributions, Rectified and converted for Split Voltage Systems
Fiber Optic Installation
Remote Radio Units
5G Pole Lighting Services
Installation of 5G Pole, Shelter, and Equipment Foundations
Foundation Upgrades
Coordinate the Transportation and Installation of Equipment Shelters
Antenna Installation and Replacement
Complete Sweep Testing Services
PIM Testing
Fiber Testing
Network Integration
Microwave Integration